On June 5, 2011 CeCe McDonald was assaulted outside a bar by a man shouting racist, transphobic slurs. When he cut her face with a glass bottle, she defended herself with a pair of scissors, fatally stabbing her assailant.

McDonald was arrested, and convicted on manslaughter charges and served two thirds of her 41 month sentence in a men's prison, and was released in January for "good behavior." Earlier this year, we got the chance to sit down with her to discuss transgender activism, mass incarceration, and how trans* people fit into the LGBT pride movement.

"I wish the pride movement was more focussed on the fact that the Stonewall movement was lead by transwomen," McDonald said in an interview with GRITtv. 

McDonald went on to mention icons like trans* activist Sylvia Rivera who were on the front lines of the Stonewall riots.

"Gay and lesbian people have become so mainstream that people fail to recognize what the movement was about and who lead that movement, " she continued. "I feel like the L, G and B of the movement kicked us to the side and said, 'Get out of the picture!"

CeCe McDonald is now working on a documentary about her life with trans* actress and activist Laverne Cox. To keep up with her activism, check out her website.

Trans* - In many queer and trans* spaces, trans* spelled with an asterisk denotes inclusivity of all gender identities that fall outside traditional gender norms.